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Concert in Portugal

Concert in Portugal

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While we are the #1 Latin Band of Florida?

A simple video can say more than hundred of thousand words... Enjoy your favorite drink whatching this page of videos.

Live performance in Portugal!

One of the most popular songs from Celia Cruz is performed live by The Latin Ensemble... in Portugal!

We are doing a very good job in Europe

If we say the word "Versatile" The Latin Ensemble fits perfect! There are not boundaries in our musical repertoire... And practically we are unique in that matter.

Dolce&Gabbana new store's opening

We've been selected by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce&Gabbana) directly from Italy to be the main entertainment at the fashion show for their new store's opening on the Miami Art District.

The University of Florida

The Alumni Hall, inside The University of Florida in Gainesville, celebrated the independence of Dominican Republic with our 13 pieces band, and they enjoyed us a lot!

Fairgrounds Florida Fest

We have been at the biggest Florida Festival, the Fairgrounds Florida Fest with our 12 members band, here with Tamara Morales as lead singer in this classic Salsa: "Quimbará"

Miami Latino Magazine Awards 2019

The Latin Ensemble performs "Volare Salsa Version", as part of the gala of the Miami Latino Magazine Awards 2019, in this opportunity they won the award, with the title of "The Rhythm Machine".

You can get this song same as you hear it on any music platform!

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