The Latin Ensemble's Bio/ La Biografía:

Before start the narration, we want to let you know a very important tip:

We are not managed by any agency or person, you talk directly with the owners of the band, and most probably the lead singer that you see on the videos will be the person who talks to you, why? Because in his 40 years musical career  (he started professionally when he was 12!) Luis Manuel knows how to interact with the crowd, he has the experience not only in USA... Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Spain as well!

You'll see many bands and when check the videos and pictures you'll notice the members are the same in one band and another... You'll never will see Luis Manuel performing with another band, never! The Latin Ensemble's Luis Manuel is exclusive, so if you see a video anywhere or a band in a live performance and Luis Manuel is the leader, that's The Latin Ensemble band!

Now we can continue:

The Latin Ensemble is an International Award winner Latin Band located in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA and now in Tenerife, Spain. We have the ability to travel worldwide.

Since 2015 is a legally established company founded by both Gabriela Caraballo (CEO  and Luis Manuel Rondon (Director), who has the 2007 ACE New York Latin Award, The 2009 Estrella Music Award Miami, the 2010 Love Angels Award and now the 2019 Miami Latino Magazine Miami Award. 

Luis Manuel is a songwriter who has several songs since 2005 in Sony Music and has 3 new songs published in 2019 on all music platforms such Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Music, Tinder and more. The new 2019 single of The Latin Ensemble is "De Una Forma Diferente", composed by Luis Manuel. 
The latin Ensemble has in less than three years two International Latin Music awards: 

2019 Miami Latino Magazine award as the “Rhythm Machine” 
2019 ACE Miami (Entertainment Journalists Association) award as the most important Latin Band of Florida. 
GigMasters awarded us twice as the best Latin band of Florida in 2017 and 2018 and Rising Star of 2018 in all USA 

We provide the best sound system and lights all digitally wireless controlled, with our own wi-fi network, with capacity range to go from a living room with a tiny, powerful sound for a couple of dozen guests to a 3000 people crowd in a stadium. 
We also offer packages which include our DJ "Mission" or if the budget says the last word we can use our virtual DJ for breaks and cocktail hours. 
We have Liability Insurance up to $2 million with all requirements available as well. 

Those are the reasons why the Latin Ensemble's portfolio is very far away ahead of competitors, we have the best talent and we adapt our repertoire to play practically anything! 

The Latin Ensemble: “Name the song, we''ll perform it” 


Luis Manuel's Back in the days photos...